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Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul

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South- partner in crime


em, Pac, 50



Inspired by countless legends in the Hip hop game, DUBULAY has finetuned his own style and added his own name amongst the unique creatures that exist within the Hip Hop mainframe Born in Rye New York, he & his mom migrated to Australia, where he spent the next 17 years. “ I remember being at my grandma’s when I was about five, just listening to her banging on the piano and signing her tunes. I think that’s where it all began”. The following years were spent going to school and singing, where he eventually became a fan of Hip hop “In his early teens Dubulay was participating in rap battles at his local youth centre, and by the time he was 15 years old, he had written his first song. “Man, it just came real easy to me. I was consuming so much music, that I was forced to write music myself. I had no choice in the matter. I loved it too much!”. When Dubulay turned 18, he left home and moved back to the states to pursue his dream of selling records. He first made his name around D.C and the TRI state area and was quickly signed to the independent label Iron Triangle Records, based on the strengths of his first single “Playin Games”. This was his first taste of the entertainment business; “ Man we were calling him the new Slick Rick, because of his accent. He was definitely one cold m@#$##@@a. He had tight rhymes, but what was most notable were his hooks.” (Crisis, CEO IronTriangle Records). After 12 months Dubulay was forced to leave due to personal convictions regarding the release of his album. Three years later an older and wiser Dubulay returned to Australia and formed the group SSL (South Side Legends), consisting of his childhood friends, Young South & G.B.R. Together they went on to record their first self titled group album. Shortly after this debut, Dubulay entered the studio to record his first solo album titled “The Candyman”. If you don’t know how to write a hook for a song, come and see this man. He’s taking the hip hop world by storm with his hypnotic and catchy choruses. Dubulay’s music can be described as the new catchy, high tech S##t that gets your subs jumping. “I’ll be doing this for a while, so sooner or later, you will pay attention”!



24 Nov 2010


haha so wannabe ...

haha so wannabe gangster!! not sure what is funnier.. the bio or the song?? thanks for the chuckle

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20 Nov 2010


Love it! Love hi...

Love it! Love him!



09 Nov 2010


this is very cat...

this is very catchy... got a great hook. Alot more appealing that the noise of bogan sounding aussie rap

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