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Pop, Roots

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ya ma

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Papa James Power - banjo/ harmonica/ guitars/ djembe/ vocals/ has a nice bum Madame Em Connors - words /vocals/ guitar/ percussion/ vampire slayer Captain Nick Hansen - double bass/ impressively tall/ has a mo/sick dog tom hope : fiddle/vocals/magical


Gillian Welch, andi and george, Kev Carmody


Ducks in the Mud bring you sweet harmonies, banjo fun-times and a vast array of thigh slappin' stlyes from finger pointing alt-country ballads, to post pirate folk ditties to childrens songs. These four multi instrumentalists have created fun lovin' sets that cross borders. They enchant: folksters, bogans, punks, old timers, soccer mums and naughty kids in their path. Ducks in the mud want to incite a good time riot!!