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Sounds like

turbonegro, 70's Kiss, Eagles of Deathmetal

band members

Lover - Sub Lovin and sexy serenades....Juicy Joe Jackhammer - six strings 'o' sin....Billy KillaWatts - lightning lick 'n' worn out picks .... Juzzy Stixxx - skins man


rolling stones, Cosmic Psychos, Spinal Tap




Simmering in the backwaters of Geetroit is a rock stench so pronounced it simultaneously burns the nostril hairs and quivers the loins. Fueled by Geelong greats Warped, Magic Dirt and Bored, The Dukes of Deliciousness re-ignite the dirty, gritty sounds of locally-sex-infused rock’n’roll. Delivering a soundtrack that pays homage to 70’s KISS and Rolling Stones, Turbonegro, Black Sabbath and the Eagles of Death Metal alongside a live show that will moisten the brow, knock you to your knees and lift your skirts. Selling out all local trysts, The Dukes now descend on Melbourne armed with their Geelong Roller Derby theme song ‘She’s My Bloody Mary’ (as featured in the up coming documentary, ‘This Is Roller Derby’) for an epic jaunt through the pages of their very own short, booze-fueled memoirs, starring... Leading man and Love Child of Mick Jagger and Paul Stanley ‘Lover’ The Guitar grindin’ George Harrison of sex-rock ‘Juicy Joe Jackhammer’ Leading guitar axeman and spawn of rock royalty ‘Billy KillaWatts’ (son of Cosmic Psycho’s guitarist Robbie Rocket) And, driving the whole darn sexy Duke beast is the bam-on-the-skins-man, ‘Juzzy Stixxx Howls of ecstasy, sexy serenades, buckets of sweat and a bevy of hypnotic pelvic thrusts litter the stage when on a date with The Dukes of Deliciousness. Audible Spanish Fly