Hi. my name is Erling. Some call me Duke...I don't mind. I used to play drums in a coupla bands (The Hauntingly Beautiful Mousemoon and Mojo Juju & the Snake Oil Merchants) and it was a lot of fun and I learnt many things about life. Being a drummer, my own songs never saw much light of back in 2006/2007 I felt like recording some of them - attempting to lay most of the tracks myself. U know, just to take ideas and words out of my head and into the world somehow. My dear friend Calf (of the Book of Ships) helped me and these three songs are some of them. Someone once said to me that "this is music that will push n pull u, love and lull u, maybe even take care of you" ...I like that. Thanks for listening. find me on Facebook: Listen to more tunes and/or download my first EP here: