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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Van Gogh, Matisse

band members

guitar, keyboards & all vocals...


TASTES like PortisHead, The Beatles & Barry White , SMELLS like Bjork, Sleepy Jackson & Scissor Sisters, SOUNDS like you'd better decide for yourself....


Based around Brisbane singer & writer bc, DUM VIVA DISCO is a mixed-media performance group.....part band....part theatrical event...part video experience! Using a variety of musicians, performers and film makers DUM VIVA DISCO explores melodic but unusual pop music and images. bc has worked professionally as an actor and singer throughout Australia all his adult life and for the last 6 years has been writing and recording original music. He is known for his amazing vocal range and styles and performed all vocals on the first DUM VIVA DISCO EP “KINKY HANKY”. Currently recording their next EP due out in APRIL 2013 DUM VIVA DISCO aim for underground-world-domination!