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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Black Mountain, The Black Angels, Mazzy Star, Nico, The Doors, Fuzz

band members

Stacie Reeves (Singer, Percussion, Keys), Matt Reiner (Guitar, Piano, Keys), Adam Vanderwerf (Bass, Synth, Guitar), Clair O'Boyle(Drums), Jess Honeychurch (Keys, Drone Machine), Brett Walter (Synth/Guitar)


Black Mountain, The Doors, The Black Angels, Krautrock, Fuzz



The Dunes have quickly gained a reputation in Adelaide as the town's leading drone-fuzz-psych band, incorporating haunting guitar lines with reverb-drenched vocals, fuzzed out bass and 60s inspired keys and synth. With their debut full length album about to be released, it builds on their previous work and captures the bands true live sound; extended jams and repetitive noise that opens the mind and expands the consciousness. Recorded and Engineered in Adelaide SA by Jon McNicol at Twin Earth Studios (Asteroid Belt, Hydromedusa), and Produced, Mixed and Mastered in Austin, TX by Brett Orrison at Spaceflight Records / The Austin Recording Service (The Black Angels, Widespread Panic, Think No Think, Christian Bland & The Revelators, MIEN), the new album is set for AUS release on garage rock label Off The Hip and US/UK release on Oak Island Records.

The Dunes are Stacie Reeves, Matt Reiner, Jessica Honeychurch, Clair O'Boyle, Adam Vanderwerf and Brett Walter.