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Punk, Rock

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Dan Batchelor - Guitar & Vox , Greg Bergin - Drums & Vox, Adam Brzozowski - Bass & Vox, Frank Bliss - Sax & Vox, Tilly Campbell - Keys, Vox & Rabble Raising, Jeff Pope - Guitar, Slide & Pedal Steel


Midnight Woolf, The Rolling Stones, Tombstone Ramblers


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Heres some new Dunnies tracks from the 3rd Album "Hulacide!" out now on Off the Hip, Get it there or on Bandcamp What other's reckon...
---Hulacide! Reviews---
"The Dunhill Blues, hailing from Sydney, are the ultimate bourbon-drenched, B-movie party band. Their expertise in pumping out a spicy hybrid of soulful garage rock, snotty punk, scuzz-bucket country, twisted surf and fried-brain psych ensures that this album absolutely shakes with the type of primitive, ‘ice-pick through the amps’ raw power that made legends such as The Sonics, The Monks, The MC5, The Dictators and The New York Dolls so much eardrum-exploding fun." - BY GRAHAM BLACKLEY See more at:

"From the opening surf-a-rama-bama-lama title track to the feedback-laced "It's Gonna Look Like a Murder/Suicide" (who said song names have to be uplifting?) this is garage greatness, a 16-tune stylistic smash-up derby that works on almost every level." - The Barman (

---The Hard Truth reviews---
"The Dunhill Blues’ shtick is rock’n’roll, with a dash of soul and r’n’b thrown in the mix, like a jolt of tabasco spicing up a bloody mary. The band’s 16 track, 33 minute second release, The Hard Truth is fast, and to the point; from the opening slick instrumental lick-fest, to the MC5-meets-the-Blue Brothers-in-Cuba hip-shakin’ excitement of 5 Nights In Havana, Stones-in-Surrey Hills balls-and-blues of Band/Kids/Girl and the psychedelic Stooges anti-hipster ranting of I Hate Your Favourite Band." DOUG WALTERS - Beat (Melbourne) 2011

"The Dunhill Blues play a pummelling, primitive and pulsing style of rock 'n' roll that's best viewed beer in hand" - JEREMY SHEAFFE Beat Magazine - Melbourne (16/6/2010) The mighty Dunhill Blues - "easily the most under-rated rock'n'roll band in the country" Murray Engleheart, THE BRAG – Sydney (Feb 2010) “garage rockin' rhythm 'n' blues with a bit of ragtime punk” – The Barman
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