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Electronic, Hip Hop

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James Hebbs


Melbourne has embraced the sounds of Durban Poison since he arrived from London in 2005.While there is a notable dose of jazz, hip-hop and future beat influence in the South African’s beats, his music transcends the boundaries of conventional music genres. His diverse array of sound, which is fit for any context, is both refined and artistically adventurous, with a trademark Durban Poison quality of smoothness. Despite his flair for hip-hop and future beat, he started DJing house music in 1999. Since then, he’s added garage, bass and a myriad of new genres to his musical vernacular, which has earned him stage spots next to some of the best in the game.

He has produced for a number of vocalists, both MCs and singers, locally and internationally. While his instrumentals guide and complement the vocals of his collaborators, his stand-alone beats paint pictures of their own. His 12” vinyl EP Future History, put together with New York MC Chap One, showcases the artistry in his hip-hop production & recently his equally as creative 7” vinyl Eye to Eye reveals a more expressive down tempo side to his abilities. Durban Poison’s successful collaborations speak for his malleable skills, while his fresh standalone production is a testament to his artistic integrity.

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