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Roots, Indie

Sounds like

blue king brown, ani defranco, Newton Faulkner

band members

Dylan Hammond - guitars, vocals, percussion, bass, drums, loop pedal, random instruments/objects


ani defranco, pink floyd, Tool


Dylan Hammond is a lover of life and music. He is a multi- instrumentalist, a passionate vocalist and an energetic performer. This picker and strummer of stringed instruments, has guided himself through the exploration of acoustic, electric and bass guitars, mandolins, ukuleles and banjos. His sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, often powerful and always emotive vocal performances are for the eyes as well as the ears. The effort behind each note can be seen in the expressions of his face and the movements of his body as he travels freely through aggressive screams into delicate falsettos. Beginning his musical journey on the piano as a child and moving to the drums as a teenager, Dylans feel and rhythm are strongly developed and mark the basis for his percussive live shows. A talented and careful percussionist, his busy hands are never far from a hand drum or a pair of maracas sited amongst the myriad of percussion instruments that surround him. His live performances employ not only musical, but technical prowess. At the heart of his shows is a live looping system, which he operates with ease to produce bass lines, rhythm tracks, vocal harmonies and beats both thumping and subtle, to accompany his already unique guitar and vocal style. Dylan Hammonds love for many different genres is observably strewn throughout his music and poetry. With a rich attachment to blues, soul, jazz, metal, funk, reggae, world music and folk, coupled with a great concern for dynamics and subtlety; his song writing demonstrates musical knowledge, originality and maturity. His percussive background attracts him to the use of unusual time signatures, while his roots in traditional styles enable him to evoke feelings of familiarity in an audience unacquainted with his songs. Lyrically, his intention is to arouse a desire to interpret his words and find the moral, and very rarely are his messages obvious. Essentially Dylan is a guitarist/vocalist and will often strip back his shows to their pure form; his voice and his acoustic guitar. But in sensing the mood and nurturing it, his performance will progress to encapsulate his multi-instrumentation, his infectious percussive grooves and the spontaneity that he lives for.



07 Oct 2011


Evidently this man is a sexy Jesus...clearly the second (or first?) coming...however, unlike both Jesus and Jeff Buckley, he won't die...

Evidently this man is a sexy Jesus...clearly the second (or first?) coming...however, unlike both Jesus and Jeff Buckley, he won't die...