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Marcus Hobbs, Rie Nakayama, Robert Wrigley, Jen Sholakis


Toad Warrior. Toad Warrior. We’re just four people from four different places. None of us live in East Brunswick nor have we ever lived there. However I did eat a curry there once. Some were almost forced to join a voluntary choir in primary school but much preferred pretending to be Mark Waugh far too much to be able to spend summery days in a multi purpose room singing “..and he will raise you up on Jesus’ wings”. Fours had to be hit. The cricket dream was eventually given up though. It all got a bit too real. It was time to make a real team of real talent and origin. East Brunswick All Girls Choir is made up of a mini golf course curator from Lockwood South, a Pool Shark Ninja who relocated from Yokahama, a gaming pizza cooking nerd from Golden Square and one failed cricketer who once walked the hallowed turf of Maiden Gully.