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Tash Vargas - Vocals Brendan Nelissen - Guitars Ricardo Ramos - Guitars Jaime Carrasco - Bass Tim White - Drums



Where does one begin to describe Melbourne’s premier citrus themed punk/funk/rock sensation?

From Mildura in Victoria all the way to Orange in NSW, everyone is talking about the stunning arrival of EAT THE DAMN ORANGE. This was mostly due to the fact that they arrived in Bronwyn Bishop’s helicopter at great expense to the tax payer.

EAT THE DAMN ORANGE are a 5 piece musical extravaganza that can produce the kind of emotion that is normally reserved for that moment when you are trying to start peeling an orange, you stick your thumb in and big squirt of juice goes straight in your eye. Yeah, that kind of emotion.

Always fun, always loud. EAT THE DAMN ORANGE will always keep you rocking. Except during half time where they will hand out the oranges