Artist info


Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop

band members

Dan - Vocals, Synth, Samples, Guitar Adam - Bass, Keyboards Lisa Mondy - Vocals



The story began ten years ago with Bangers (Adam) and Hatts (Dan) in a small isolated fishing village on top of a mountain, where they walked 10 fathoms through moth balls to study music together. Bangers with his slap happy, give ya granny some coke bass and Hatts busting rhythms like virgins on horse back it wasn't long before they paired up to what they do best...... penetrate ear holes !
On there quest for sound to quiver any loin, they stumbled across a damsel in distress ( Lady Lisa sing thing) held by the jaws of a monster from the deep. With one sub-sonic boom from there powers combined she was free, thus forming the the sound of Eat Like A Monster.

Bringing the sound of Drum and bass, hip hop, dub, and electro. They deliver this to the stage with the use of synths, samplers, bass guitar and vynil, to melt the face of any dance lover.