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At 26 years old, most people have experienced their first taste of adult life. Relationships, heartbreak, loss, a complicated sense of compassion and empathy, an emotion-filled and confusing quarter-life crisis and a search for the innate feeling of true and unequivocal happiness. For Melbourne musician Ed Hawke, these experiences have allowed him to express himself through his music to unveil, untangle and understand his life and his place in the world.

Both sonically and lyrically inspired by some of the world’s most renowned modern romanticists in John Mayer, Coldplay, Powderfinger, D’Angelo and Vulfpeck, Ed Hawke is just beginning his musical journey - his debut album, Learning How To Fall, a compilation of emotion-heavy ballads and a genuine ode to adulthood, is scheduled to be released in early 2018.


Review by Pip Rasmussen Pip Rasmussen

09 Apr 2018

Super Reviewer

The harmonised choir at the end - delicious.

The harmonised choir at the end - delicious.