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Indie, Punk, Rock

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DZ Deathrays, Raave Tapes, Death From Above, Art vs science, Daft Punk, Does it offend you, yeah?

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Ed Hunting Blipsy Suzie Spinster


Modest Mouse, Cage the Elephant, Paramore



Ed Hunting returns from his plague bunker red hot with a sonic boom of a track: Flamingo. A long time in the making, this dance-punk anthem melds crunchy guitar with a thumping beat that defies you to stand still - or look at punk the same way again.

Producer: Ed Hunting
Art: Saskia Morris/Ed Hunting


Ed Hunting is the moniker of Melbourne-based guitarist/singer/producer George Mitton. Playing in numerous punk bands including Other Liquid Fires, Ed Hunting is a further continuation of the blistering riffs and crunchy fuzz that defines George's singular sound.

Debut single Cherry Cola (#1 Punk Unearthed Charts) showcases Ed's two loves: DIY punk and bedroom electronica, melding the vintage and the modern for a propulsive groove that defies you not to dance. Entirely self produced in his bedroom, this production has set the stage for many new sounds to come.