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Indie, Rock

band members

Jay Richmond - Drums, Tass Greenwood - Guitar, Vocals


Emerging from the dirt-caked backwaters of Brisbane, El Motel (Jay and Tass) weren’t just another two-piece band. These quicksilver stallions’ prowling take on booze-injected rock is raucous, seedy and ball-tearing enough to sidestep the usual two-piece gripes (although Tass croons a bit like Jack White assault worthy Jason Stollmeister, and Jay taps the skins like a less metronomic Meg White). El Motel finally added some more meat, with Matt Bach (The Quickening, Gift Horse) bringing the BASS. Irascible blues racket El Motel have done their darnedest to grab all their loudest influences, only to distil it into a Thunderous Trio that explodes all over the place and makes one hell of an ecstatic mess.

Have rusted up blues case, will travel. During their year on the scene (they are but babes in the woods), El Motel have supported the likes of Iowa (Melbourne), Seaplane, Tape/Off, Undead Apes, Sleepwalks, Velociraptor and recently played the very first Sonic Masalafest