Artist info


Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

80's movie soundtracks turned futuristic power ballads

band members

Keith Turban. Jazzy. Freeballs. Captain Balls aka Jesus. lil Rigs.


Peter Gabriel, Coheed & Cambria, Richard Marx

Unearthed artists we like

Makaw, LTC



Australia based by way of New York City, four piece ELDRS came together initially in late 2014 when what was solely a production group at the time started reaching out for vocalists. Six months later & eight tunes deep it was clear the group had formed with their vocalist floating vibes reminiscent of Peter Gabriel to The Code. Deciding to hone their craft, a group of covers were released to the soundcloud faithful over late 2015 to 2016 receiving a great response to the crew's initial work. Look hard enough and you'll find a number of features over that time that show the depth in which they move.