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Indie, Rock

band members

Tom - Guitar & Vocals / Cam - Bass & Vocals / Josh - Guitar / Kyle - Drums


Conceived in Melbourne looking over a bridge to the MCG, Electric Wallpaper is a former rag-tag team of misfits that echoed the golden years of suburban football. They chose instead to put the boots away and begin life as a surfed-out psychedelic pop outfit.

They’ve been called many things but never uninspired, dull or known for resting on the laurels of four earned premiership points (despite their obvious lack of sporting talent).

In their heyday they were ably led in the ruck by eclectic drummer Kyle Batey, wasting no time in moving through the smooth on-ball skills of guitarists Tom Brooks and Josh Jones before firing into archetypal full-forward Cameron Hicks, modelled on Victorian legends such as Gary Ablett and Tony Lockett.

Like (Bruce) Lennon and (Brendan) McCartney the dual song writing of Tom and Cameron drives Electric Wallpaper’s Americana meets surf meets future local football half time entertainment sound separating themselves from the masses of acid rock with a balanced psychedelic pop sound.

They’ve given back to the city that has blessed them with football superstars like those above by performing as supports for The Family Jordan, The Cheats, Gypsy Scholars and The Fauves among others as well as their own headline shows.

The band’s debut 7” single “Dinosaur Bones” is being launched at The Retreat Hotel on 20th August 2016 and you can catch them in bars that sell Coopers Pale Ale across Australia, discussing the glory days of when their respective teams beat Fitzroy.

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