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J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Thundamentals, Horrorshow, Stormzy

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Horrorshow, Kendrick Lamar, Drapht, J. Cole, Pegz, Thundamentals, Bliss N Eso

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Sol Bishop, Chevy Levett, Freeds, Mathas, Dylan Joel, Kwasi



An exciting fixture of Australia’s bubbling Hip-Hop scene, Melbourne’s own Eleji fka ARKS MC, has been putting in work more than most names in the country, clocking up hundreds of live shows and releasing close to a dozen projects over the last ten years.

Most recently putting together the cult-hit ‘The Alex Danger Tapes’ EP (2018) featuring Talakai, Dexter Seamus + more. However, after more-than cementing his name within Australia’s ever-evolving music scene, Eleji, now 24 years old, is gearing up to release his debut LP, ‘Pray Tomorrow Never Comes’ - a creative, open and honest full-length masterpiece that has been in the works for four years.

Having without a doubt paid his dues, supporting a plethora of live acts across the country including Bliss N Eso, Horrorshow, Illy, Thundamentals, Drapht, The Funkoars, Allday, Ivan Ooze and Dirty Dike (UK), Locksmith (US), and more. Eleji has spent the last 10 years preparing for what’s next, and with his debut album on the horizon, expect Eleji to become a legitimate headline act himself off the back of his magnetic charisma, energetic flows and honest lyricism.

‘Pray Tomorrow Never Comes’ began back in 2015 as a 21-year-old, after the St Kilda born emcee came off his national tour with legendary group Funkoars. Since then, Eleji has put every aspect of his career and life into crafting a conceptual, tell-all album that follows his life and mental development from ages 2-21.

If you thought a debut album was all that was in the pipeline for one of the hardest working creatives in the country, then you’re sorely mistaken. In 2018, Eleji launched his movement, label and DIY service: ‘HIEN MYTEE’, signing a collection of eclectic Australian and New-Zealand artists and curating every element of their release from the label’s headquarters.

Despite having toured the country, selling out EP launches and supporting the biggest of Hip-Hop acts Australia has to offer, there is no doubt that 2019 and ‘Pray Tomorrow Never Comes’; stands as Eleji’s magnum opus.


Review by Declan Byrne Declan Byrne

18 Oct 2019

Triple J

super smooth stuff from eleji for fans of horrorshow and spit syndicate.

super smooth stuff from eleji for fans of horrorshow and spit syndicate.