Artist info


Pop, Indie

Sounds like

Joan as Police Woman, Portishead, The XX

band members

Kate McMahon - vocals and keys, Daniel Coco - guitar, Tom Fraser - bass, Stu Hazelman - drums and vocals


Fiona Apple, Feist, Howling Bells


The Elephant Eyes kids met rattling around the halls of an old infectious diseases hospital (now posing as a music school). The four met while studying music here, and have combined their love of indie, soul and jazz to make Elephant Eyes. The band’s sound is a cross between Radiohead and Joan as Policewoman, with sweet, sultry vocals from Kate McMahon, Radiohead-esque guitar by Daniel Coco, grooving bass by Tom Fraser, and electronic-inspired drums by Stu Hazelman. Elephant Eyes are releasing their debut EP at The Workers Club on Sunday 11 August at 1.30pm.