Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Silverchair, Something For Kate

band members

Michael, Max, Sam, Rhys, Louis


Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, radiohead

Unearthed artists we like

Super Magic Hats, Lurch & Chief, Bus Vipers


Elisha (pronounced Ee-lie-sha) Bones are a five-piece indie rock band based in Canberra. Their refreshingly distinctive sound combines ardent vocals with twisted song structures and ornate guitar-based arrangements. The band’s unique songs and engrossing live show has seen them gain a passionate and ever burgeoning following in Canberra and beyond. Elisha Bones’ expansive yet intimate debut single “Guts” is generating fevered anticipation for their inaugural EP, slated for release in late 2013. Tracking the EP themselves, the band has enlisted Magoo – the ARIA award-winning producer and engineer behind the “Guts” single, renowned for his work with Powderfinger, Regurgitator and Midnight Oil – to mix and co-produce the EP before it has its final spit and polish by mastering engineer Leon Servos at Studios 301. On 5 July the band pre-released the “Guts” music video to their fans, which features a stunning performance by Joseph Simons, a celebrated and award winning contemporary dancer and choreographer. Filmed in London with a single camera angle and exceptional lighting design by fashion photographer Konstantin Kochkin, Joseph creates an arresting series of movements whilst tangled in string. Embodying the lyrical themes of doubt and self-confrentation with his impressive physicality, Joseph’s performance ranges from playful and powerful to nauseating and confronting. The “Guts” video is a clear and collaborative statement of Elisha Bones’ artistic intent. See the video here: Upcoming Gigs *CANBERRA: Thurs 31 October, Solo Show for ANU's Last Lecture @ University House, 4.30pm *CANBERRA: Saturday 2 November @ UC Zierholz Bar w/ Party Gravy *SYDNEY: Wednesday 6 November @ Spectrum w/ Borneo and Dr Goddard *DUBBO: 21 December, details TBA *EP TOUR TBA Links: