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Roots, Indie

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Don't box us in man

band members

Jonno Crowther - vocals/guitar/harmonica Gerard Graham - guitar/stomp box Johnny Hallo - drums/percussion


black keys, Ben Harper, M.Ward

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The Rubens


Elliotts Room's new album "Into the Light" is now available for listening and download from their artist website link above. Elliotts Room are a 3 piece blues and roots band originating from Brisbane. Their sound has been described as having a likeness to the legendary 70’s Australian blues band ‘Chain’ as well as the more recent American blues duo ‘The Black Keys’. Elliott’s Room softer side also explores the folk side of roots music with acoustic melodic sounds & honest expressive lyrics not unlike Irish group ‘The Frames’. Formed in 2008, Elliotts Room introduction to the Brisbane music scene was short lived when almost immediately after the release of their debut EP all 3 members found themselves living in 3 different cities. At the commencement of 2011 the band began collaborating again on new material by recording individual parts and sending them to each other via youtube. This unorthodox song writing style soon developed far enough for the band to have enough material for an album and as such got together to record their 2nd 7 track release ‘Into the Light’. Their soon to be released new album 'Into the Light' witnesses the maturing of Elliotts Room, as they explore further the blues and roots genre, claiming their own sound and giving birth to a boldly expressive and imaginative album.