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Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop



Ellipsis is a true wordsmith and one of the most exciting and innovative young rappers coming out of Sydney, Australia. Quiet and observant by nature and growing up in more houses than he's had birthdays, Ellipsis has always been drawn to music, especially Hip Hop.

Making a conscious decision to break away from the dangerous and violent path of his youth, Ellipsis began rhyming in his early teens and found a profound love for freestyles in the back shed, beat boxing and spitting over any break beat he could get his hands on. Together with his brother Ampersand, Ellipsis became enthralled in the power and challenge of the poetry and rented a beach bungalow on the Central Coast, NSW to create their first home studio and creative hub.

Over this time Ellipsis developed his own identity, perfected his live performance and found his voice as a part of the Reverse Radiation crew. Whilst living on the Central Coast Ellipsis begun jamming with local acoustic and funk musicians leaving him with a thirst to create works of art and to "be" within a song, not just spitting on top of break beats.

After spending many late nights conceptualising ideas and smoking one too many durries, Ellipsis has honed in on his talents and is hungry to nurse his passion for music. This has led him to a collaborative effort with like-minded producers Brenton Lloyd Richard and Austin James Brown to create his own body of work “At Home In The Heart Of The Nameless”. It serves as an exploratory record which dives head first into picking apart the riddles of anxiety and the socially created struggles that exist within all of us. His first solo release is an intimate reflection on the world Ellipsis lives in and the sickness that can be suffered by giving a shit.