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Hip Hop

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Hilltops, Pegz, Muph

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Bob Marley, Big L, Easy E

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L-FRESH The LION, 1/6, E.E.S, ILLZILLA, Nemesis, TRS



Eloquor possesses the kind of meritable traits comparable to those of a modern-day vigilante. The sentiments strewn through his rhymes promote dignity and the importance of living life by your own design. One of the most persevering, hard-working emcees in the game; Eloquor has earned his stripes performing alongside industry heavyweights such as Pegz, Briggs, and the Hilltop Hoods and supported international artists including Pharoahe Monch, Jurassic5 and Souls Of Mischief. With four full-length LPs under his belt, the Melbourne artist has had the time and experience to procure a well-rounded sonic extraction of his world view. New EP "The Don" out now: