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Pop, Electronic

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SteveRobin - production, drums, writing, sound engineering Sarah Thomas- Vocals, Writing, percussion, production


Brisbane's songwriting duo Emerald have emerged once again, a couple of years after the release of their debut E.P. with a sleeker, ultra unique and undeniably engaging sound. After two years of intense song writing, numerous cups of tea, creative brainstorming and various musical ideas brewed in the woodwork, they have finally churned out their very first album... which a nutshell, well worth the wait. There is no doubt their sound has matured and morphed beautifully into a strong, present, musical force to be reckoned with. Shiny, sparkly colourful sounds blend with broody vocals and first class production to fulfil everyone’s anticipation, not to mention satisfy the newbie’s on the scene. The songs take you on a trip to a world of quirky, imaginative Emerald goodness. The vocals are honest and classy and the musicianship clearly prominent in every song. There latest album is available for purchase at: