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Hip Hop, Pop

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Germaine Greer... If she had an afro

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Heptune by the Gentleman's Record Club.


Pat Benetar


Emilie Zoey Baker is a spoken word artist and winner of the 2006 Nimbin World performance poetry cup. She's also the winner of the Melbourne Writers Festival Team Slam and was the Babble slam-champion two years running. She has performed all over Australia at the Big Day out, National Gallery Of Victoria, Next Wave Festival, Mildura Writers Festival and other things that end in the word 'festival' She has been heard on Radio National, RRR, ZZZ, 2NCR and 774 ABC. She's a producer, a facepainter, a waitress, a record store clerk and once got a job as an Assistant Director on a T.V show but got fired for playing video clips in the control room. This is lip-hop-hip-not. genre button me that.