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Pop, Rock

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Emma & The Hungry Truth: Emma Dean (vocals, piano, violin, drums) Tony Dean (drums, vocals) Francesca de Valence (keyboards, vocals, violin, drums) Laura Driver (cello, vocals) Hayden Robins (guitar, vocals) James Halloran (theremin, aux percussion, vocals)


Fiona Apple, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Queen, The Killers, Bach, Bjork, Jesca Hoop, Klaus Nomi

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On stage, Emma & The Hungry Truth are a sight to behold. Their musicianship and camaraderie is matched only by their fierce stagecraft and otherworldy aesthetic.
Off stage, the band is just as intriguing.
Having come together at the perfect time when each member was longing for a sense of connection, the band found each other through sweet serendipity. After lead singer, Emma Dean returned to Brisbane from a life-changing year living and performing in New York, she put a call out for musicians who might be interested in a new musical project. Not long after, ‘The Hungry Truth’ was born. Sharing a love of unapologetic theatrics, rock ‘n’ roll and a drive to find honesty through music, these six musical misfits work effortlessly together like the limbs of a body - pushing, pulling, contracting, expanding, grounding and motivating each other on both a personal and musical level.
Sonically, Emma & The Hungry Truth consist of piano, synth, drum kit, cello, electric guitar, violin and vocals. Group tribal drumming compounds their cutting-edge sound, which is coloured with obscure instruments including glockenspiel, clap sticks, and theremin. The band is an audible cocktail of primal rhythms, tribal war cries, break-your-heart-lyrics, catchy melodies and epic harmonies echoing the likes of Queen and Kate Bush. With an explosive sound that’s all their own, Emma & The Hungry Truth have undeniable pop appeal.
Whilst creating a huge stage sound, it is still evident that every part of every song strikes the listener as essential in their fantastically tight arrangements. These arrangements are the perfect bed to support the virtuosic and theatrical voice of internationally acclaimed performer, Emma Dean.
“Singer, songwriter and self proclaimed ringmaster Emma Dean is a hobobag full of crazy pills. Like the really awesome hallucinogenic kind.” THE NEW YORK POST
Emma & The Hungry Truth are set to release their debut EP later this year. Having worked alongside five-time Aria award winning producer Paul McKercher, the release of ‘Feast’ is sure to be a spectacle in and of itself.
If the opportunity arises, immerse yourself in the world that these artists have created. Dance with your fears, walk into the darkness, and let ‘The Hungry Truth', feast on you!