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Hip Hop, Indie, Pop

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Missy Higgins, Meg Mac , Matt Corby , SIA, Katie Noonan, Maggie Noonan, Queen , Florence & The Machine, Etta James , Beyoncé, Gotye , Rihanna , Tones And I, Vera Blue , Kate Miller Heidke , The Jungle Giants , Hilltop Hoods

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DOOLIE, MEG MAC, G Flip, Matt Turner, The Jungle Giants, Azure



20 year old singer/songwriter Emma Tomlinson is an Artist who uniquely blends pop, pop-classical cross over, RnB and alternative pop to another level. In hershort career Emma has made numerous appearamces and today performs regularly across the Sunshine Coast, Hinterland and Brisbane. However she has sung on the ational stage appearing on Channel ten's Creative Generation, The X-Factor 2014 at age 14 and recently auditioned for The Voice 2020. Having being mentoured by Australian Opera singer Maggie Noonan in classical training of 'Bel Canto', former band member of the Church Peter Koppers and Andy Ward, Tommo has taking the next step in her recording/performing career by releasing her first ever EP on streaming platforms. The young Artist motto with her music is that "being different makes a difference" which she promotes as an official ambassador for Autism Queesland.