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Indie, Rock

band members

Emma Wall - guitar & vocals Lauren Di Salvia - bass & vocals Bindy Cohen - drums & vocals


“Voted top 3 live shows of 2010 – Sue Barrett, Rhythms Magazine” The long awaited and much anticipated new album from Emma Wall & the Urban Folk is set to hit the streets on Sunday 11th November 2012. Launching at iconic music venue, The Worker’s Club (51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) The ever evolving discography from Emma Wall and the transformation from The Emma Wall Band to Emma Wall and the Urban Folk has culminated with the release of funky mix of urban folk with splashes of rock and pop. The new album, Shiny New Toy has its foundation as an acoustic guitar, bass and drum outfit, that is Emma Wall and the Urban Folk. The album also comprises elements of electric guitar accompaniment and a chorus of beautiful harmonies that showcase the true talent of these musicians. Emma Wall & The Urban Folk are, “charismatic and quirky, engaging and energetic. … Emma Wall is a barefooted cowgirl meets stand-up comic/musician… creating a unique style that just works.” (Lucie McMahon – Inpress, Magazine.) Emma’s skillful guitar, sweet but strong vocal and zaney personality leave audiences walking away with a skip in their step and a smile on their face.