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Hip Hop, Indie

band members

Brian J. Kruger - vocals, Jozef S. Grech - guitar, Andrew J. Williams - bass, Tobias C. Anning - drums, Virginia J. Page - violin, Rachael Aquilina - violin, Hayley-Jane Ayres - viola,


Apollo Brown, Brother Ali, Cake

Unearthed artists we like

Diger Rokwell, Mathas, Archi


Since arriving as a solo MC in 2010, The Empty Cup’s roll-call has steadily been increasing. Now performing both as a solo artist and with a five-piece collective (who further collaborate with a string section), The Empty Cup is an odyssey of sounds and ideas under the one unifying banner. Though principally the voice and rhymes of Typhoons multi-instrumentalist Brian James Kruger, The Empty Cup is a good example of a band made up of members of other bands. Mates, who met along the way, coming together to create something new. Nominated as Best Hip Hop Act in the 2012 West Australian Music Industry Awards, The Empty Cup have had a stellar first couple of years - finding themselves an in-demand support act for the likes of Sade, Akil and 360, whilst developing a strong live audience of their own. Due later in the year, the band’s debut album is their inevitable next step forward, preceded, naturally, by a debut single... Recorded and mixed by The Typhoons’ Lewis Galaga; Riposte For John Lennon is hip hop academia with an almost abstract jazz twist... the dichotomous meeting of a lethally-precise MC, with a band that weaves in and out of space like a Schifrin soundtrack. Philosophy, linguistics, sound and silence; each playing their role as needed. Led by the heavy lyrical attack of Kruger, though carried by floating, weightless music; Riposte For John Lennon is opposites colliding in harmony... passing through one another without friction or resistance. Like a bomb falling through a cloud. It is the debut not just of a band, but of a sound.