Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

System Of A Down, Twelve Foot Ninja, Karnivool

band members

Casey Dean - Vocals / Guitar Jedi Wright - Lead Guitar Michael White - Drums Luke Parker - Bass


Incubus, muse, Pearl Jam

Unearthed artists we like

Twelve Foot Ninja, Jericco, Captives, Figures



Hailing from the landscapes of Byron Bay, Australia, All-Star Rock lineup Engine Three Seven emerged from the scene and has hit the ground running ever since.

With a very dynamic blueprint to their sound, their breed of Progressive Alt/Rock with Acoustically-driven roots has helped them hone their craft and create a signature sound that defines their musicianship, presentation, innovation, and an unforgettable live show experience. These elements have helped fit the band perfectly in with Australia's compelling vibrant Alternative-Rock scene, whilst blending two seemingly disparate styles. Their live show is tight as a punchy as a fist, changing up from a full frontal Rock assault to quiet, beautiful, wistful moments in a heartbeat; leaving you with a sound that showcases dynamic mood swings with eclectic, compelling sensibilities.

In 2005, Engine Three Seven won the 2005 Byron Bay Bluesfest Crowd Choice Award and performed at the world renowned festival for a two year tenure. The band also won the 2006 North Coast Dolphin Award for 'Best Rock Song' and 'Best Male Vocal'.

Keeping up with the momentum and taking their music to the next level, the band picked up and moved to Melbourne in 2007 and signed with Saltar Hype which resulted in tours with international acts. Many of the show dates sold out, and the band during this time was touring in support of their highly anticipated second heavier EP, 'Atmosphere'.

This album spread its wings a bit more for the band with the release of their Live DVD 'Becoming Atmosphere'. Engine Three Seven at this time cemented themselves as a Premier Rock act in Australia with a largely devoted fan base with critical acclaim among the industry.

Years of relentless touring took a toll on the eclectic quartet and in 2013, two of of the four original members parted ways with the band. This however, did not slow things down for E37. The band's front-man, Casey Dean, started the label Cement Records and pushed forward, keeping the hype alive as well as the momentum. With determination to finish the group's debut album, Casey initiated a crowdfunding campaign in support of the release and raised over $9,000 from the fans and rock community. This effort allowed the band to complete their crowning achievement.

Due for release 26.10.2016, E37's debut album is a heavier, more evolved and mature effort on the band's already powerful sonic and visual songwriting ability that they've always been known for.