Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

dEUS, The National, PJ Harvey, Augie March

band members

Joe Nuttall: Vocal, Guitar, Piano Mark Woodward: Vocal, Bass Daveedo McCullough: Drums


Tom Waits, The Drones, Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Augie March, Bowie



Hobart indie ninjas, by way of Melbourne, Los Angeles and other places. No fixed abode. Songs that sound a bit like dEUS, Kashmir, PJ Harvey, Ausgie March, The National and weirder 90s Bowie.

We remember when this was all fields.


“Whether dealing in kinetic alternative rock or arching pop anthems, Enola Fall play the most likable of miserablists. Their songs acknowledge the gloom without suffocating in it, point the way to redemption, or at least relief, and deliver a jolt of catharsis on the way.” – Buzzbands LA

"The first single (off that release) is “Vestigial Tail.” A hypnotic looping piano line is underscored by pulsing low strings and orchestral percussion. It’s achingly beautiful and the choruses are soaring, anthemic with Nuttall’s uniquely high, powerful vocal painting a visceral image of murder and obsession.” – AMFM Magazine

“You feel compelled to keep listening to their soul-searching lyrics as the beat presses forward.” – Stereogum

“The track has an immediate likeability that makes me wonder if it could pop up on a future film soundtrack” – USA Today

“The band is really good.” – Huffington Post

“Instantly pulls in the listener with its powerful arrangements and infectious vocals and lyrics” – Diffuser

“Frontman Joe Nuttall has a knack for shifting at just the right time and in just the right way to coax drama out of his songs” – Boston Globe

“This was one of the most unique shows I have witnessed” – AMN