Artist info


Roots, Dance

Sounds like

Caravan Palace, Beats Antique, The Cat Empire

band members

Charlie Jones - vocals, electric junk percussion Laura Bishop - vocals, violin Holly Norman - vocals, drums Karri Harper-Meredith - vocals, trombone Romain Guery - guitar Richard Watson - piano accordion Owen Duncan - synth Julia Watson - violin Maisie Glen - guitar Ellen "Mop" Paynter - double bass


Caravan Palace, Django Reinhardt, Frank Zappa

Unearthed artists we like

The Brow, The Lonely Brothers, ButtonMoon


A highly modified electric-circus-dancefloor-doof-device, Ensemble Formidable is Western Australia's most exciting live electro-swing project. Conjuring images of Django grinding with a femmébot at a 1940's Parisian rave, Ensemble Formidable is an eclectic manouche-swing farmyard mash-up of jazz-droid chickens doing the dubstep-charleston. Sporting a dashing 10-piece outfit complete with horns, strings, accordion, junk percussion & synth, this fully live dancefloor doof-device has been assembled from factory-floor sweepings of gypsy-jazz, swing, dub, klezmer and classical.