Artist info


Dance, Pop

Sounds like

Prince & Parliament fell into David Bowie's bathtub

band members

Declan O'Driscoll - Lead Vox Jimmy Rizk - Backing vox Taylor Cable - Backing vox Jess Malady-Hall - Backing vox Riley Stratton Jackson - Bass Jake Parker - Saxophone Jonathon Tooke - Guitar Jared Ross- Keys Mitch Fanning - Drums Bobby Keys - Guitar


Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Queen, Chic



Enter the Jaguar is the funky, vivacious party act from Wollongong. Known as the ‘electric gospel’, the band was formed by lead singer/songwriter Declan O’Driscoll who left punk, for funk. The idea was simple, have fun and party hard with friends. Within a few rehearsals, the loose project had quickly turned into a creative machine with up-beat originals being written on the go.

80’s pop synth, Hammond organ, saxophone and 4-part vocal harmony, creates an eclectic, groovy piece of work that keeps the listener’s ears ignited throughout.