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Erika Ascenzo


Snoh Aalegra, Mahalia, Pip Millet, Mereba, Cleo Sol



Erika Ascenzo is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Victoria. Her unique vocals are a tribute to the jazz greats she grew up listening to and her songwriting pays homage to the soul classics that transcend time and melody. As music made with movement in mind, Erika draws upon electronic and modern synth-pop to complement her strong and steady vocal style.

Erika’s first single Continuum was a warm welcome to her unique vocal flair, but her latest track Bound is the defining moment of her full creative ability. With a clear vision and a more confident hand, Erika pushed back against her hesitations of the past to find the strong sense of beat and personality that Bound so confidently delivers.

It’s a song that takes its power in simplicity. It’s clean, devoid of ego and undemanding of emotional commitment. It comes from a place of feeling, inspiring motion and rousing connection. The driving force behind the track is Erika’s bold and grounding voice – inspired by an influential moment from her cover of Stay Tru by Mereba – anchoring the beat against the song’s otherwise unshackled freedom.

The impeccable work of producers Daniel Kelaart and Joel Dowling, has brought Erika’s passionate ambition for Bound to life. Caleb Shand lends his expertise on bass.

A message of no longer being bound – to a person, to a place, to a feeling. As an artist grows to become sure of herself, so does her work, and Bound is a testament to that for Erika Ascenzo.


Review by Declan Byrne Declan Byrne

24 Aug 2020

Triple J

you can't deny this modern soulful jam! it's got so much natural poise and style.

you can't deny this modern soulful jam! it's got so much natural poise and style.