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Indie, Rock, Roots

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Kirk Jeffs, Derek Pakuza, AJ Kena & Lana Jeffs


The Violent Femmes, The Cure, The Pixies, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, The Velvet Underground, Dinosaur Jr, The Talking Heads, The Clash, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, The Smiths, The White Stripes, The Undertones, The Hives, The Black Keys, , The Wombats, The Kooks, The Killers, Led Zepppelin, Grant Lee Buffalo, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Small Faces, The EasyBeats, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Ballpark Music, The Jungle Giants, The Rubens

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Endless Valley



Erin May

Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

21 Dec

Rics Bar

Brisbane, 4006

321 Brunswick St, Brisbane Valley



Erin May, the new Bribie Island alternative band has stolen the hearts of many with their new sounding music that they’ve been working on for the past year or so. Being a new act, coming into a scene and marketplace where pretty much everything has been done before, they’ve somehow found a way to etch out a niche that crosses multiple genres, and is extremely hard to pigeon hole them into one.

After a few line up changes in the rhythm section they settled on the lineup , with, Kirk as lead singer and main songwriter, Lana (Kirk’s sister) who is on bass, Derek on lead guitar and AJ on drums rounding out the 4 piece group. The band prefers to enjoy their musical writing style and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Singer Kirk Jeffs, has been compared to artists like Frank Black & Robert Smith, and has a distinct sounding voice. Maybe not for the commercial masses however he has a found a cool way to tell his story, and keep a grooving vibe simultaneously. The band although hailing from Bribe Island, about 1 hour north of Brisbane, have been playing in and around town since their single release, and have recorded their debut 4 track ep at Tall Poppy studios with engineer Nathan Woodrow.. The record is mainly self produced, or you could say it hasn’t even been produced, due to its rawness, a great way to put out a first record.



14 Dec 2018


The perfect hammock song! I feel like you could do a real good cover of Rusted Root - Send me on my way

The perfect hammock song! I feel like you could do a real good cover of Rusted Root - Send me on my way



04 Dec 2018






What a tune!

What a tune!