Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

karnivool, I Am Giant, Dead letter Circus

band members

Matt Faulkner - Vocals Shane Faulkner - Guitar Matt Tennant - Drums Josh Chaffey - Bass


cog, Sevendust, Periphery


Forming in early 2006, Canberra based 4-piece ESCAPE SYNDROME has enjoyed an exciting and hectic 6 years together. From humble beginnings, Escape Syndrome has fought from the ground up to become one of Canberras finest rock acts. Bringing a unique mix of intricate melodies, catchy hooks and soaring vocal lines, and being recognised within the local scene for their energetic and high powered live shows, Escape Syndrome is a band constantly evolving in both sound and performance. Their diverse mix of metal, punk, alternative and straight forward rock has been labelled a ‘unique blend of styles and influences’, and has made the band a stand out and diverse act in a sea of bands trying to be heard. Through the bands varied and distinctive personalities, Escape Syndromes music has an indefinable quality. The type of quality that has been so rightly appreciated in Australian acts such as Cog, Karnivool and Dead Letter Circus. After forming and playing constantly throughout 2006, gaining a small local following and recording a rough 3 track demo, Escape Syndrome kicked off 2007 with the release of their debut album WRONGTURNRIGHT. The album offered a solid mix of guitar driven, odd time based metal and solid, straight forward punk rock, and was a small insight into what the group would be capable of. The song ‘Shadows’, with its ghostly violin and cello sections, and airy atmosphere, gained the attention of local radio station FM104.7, and received regular radio airplay on the stations ‘Homegrown’ segment. The album set Escape Syndrome on a tour of the central coast, playing to a vast number of punters and venues, and earning them supports slots with the likes of The Getaway Plan, Mammal, The Hell City Glamours and Sleep Parade. In 2008, after a year of constant touring of the Wrongturnright record, Escape Syndrome returned to the studio to record their follow up EP, DAYDREAMS. The 5 track record took almost 2 years to complete, due to constant studio changes and challenges, and was released in November 2010.The bands second record offers a much stronger and matured sound than the previous release, leaning towards a heavier and more groove based approach. The EP’s first single ‘Fork In The Road’, with its tight staccato guitars and infectious chorus, gained the attention of local radio stations and Triple J’s ‘Unearthed’ segment. The video for ‘Fork in the Road’ was shot early 2011, and helped propel the band to supporting the likes of U.S alternative heavyweights Helmet, as well as local talent such as Floating Me and Thousand Needles In Red. Now in 2012, Escape Syndrome have just completed tracking 3 new songs for their upcoming release 'King Catalyst', which is planned for release late 2012. The new single 'Shadows Part II' is due for release late January 2012. The band is also gearing up for their 2012 tour, playing shows in Melbourne, Sydney and surrounding regions.