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Eskatology is a emotive driven Indigenous Artist from Adelaide, SA he
pays respect to his aboriginal culture (Ngarrindjerri) along with his roots
in Germany, and Yugoslavia. the power horse that drives this artist is his
deep struggles with Anxiety and partly Alcoholism in his teen days.
Eskatology finds the outlet of writing a way to cope with the deep demons
that are held within to speak for not only himself but for people who have
gone through a similar thing, or still are. He speaks on Life issues,
Political Diversity and Religious Beliefs.
Eskatology Was Born Jonathan Stier in a Small Jamestown Hospital before
transitioning to Port Augusta, South Australia. As a young child he
discovered hip-hop from a old N.W.A. tape his cousin had brought around
to listen to, instantly inspired he took the messages of the African-
American injustice which would later inspire him to start writing. Later
moving to Adelaide he was supported to release His Debut EP “The
Conscious Reality” in 2008, with the acclaimed anthem “Land Down
Under” eskatology found is first break within the Adelaide Hip-hop Scene.
During this decade of Music Eskatology has released 3 Eps’ , 1 Mixtape
and 2 LPs and is working on his 3 rd LP.
Eskatology has Performed alongside International Superstar (xzibit) along
with International guests (Snak the ripper, and Cormega). Whilst holding
close his Local Support spots with artists like Jessica Mauboy, Mau Power
and NJE. He was also Nominated for “Best Indigenous & Torres Strait
Islander” for the 2018 South Australian Music Awards. He is also featured
on the International Wu-ivasion Mixtape Hosted by Gza Genius (Of the
Wu-tang Clan) .
Eskatology has worked hard to build a portfolio in the Australian music
scene and continues to rise to be known as a respected artist within the
music scene.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

04 Feb 2019

Triple J

Fresh heat from these big dogs!

Fresh heat from these big dogs!