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Electronic, Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Grimes, Pj Harvey, Adalita, Edith Piaf, Briggs,Baker Boy, Zach Del a Rocha, Run the jewels,.

band members

Penny Orchid Euniq


Grimes, Tones and I, Alex Lahey, Courtney Barnett, Adalita



Evolved and enlightened human. Writer, artist, boffin, home scientist, working on unified magnetic field theory and what gravity really is. I’ve been singing for years at home too scared to put something out there. Finally the God species gave me the courage. I had a bonafide epiphany and started putting music together. I hope you enjoy. I used to dj and now I am way more comfortable creating. Music has gotten me through my entire life. I love all genres and love obscure things. Weird and diverse is best, like me. I am one of the many fierce transgender/non binary warrior peoples of the future of this type 2 civilisation that is on its way. Peace.