Artist info


Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Jolie Holland, Gillian Welch, smog

band members

Eva Popov - Voice, Melisa Collins - Violin, voice, Luke Richardson - double bass, Mark Gretton, Drums


leonard cohen, laura veirs, Holly Throsby



I've just released my debut album "Me, the Sea & Stars", an album examining loss and transience made with a baby kicking in the belly. It was built in parts at Nick Huggin's house by the sea, and finished in bedrooms, studios and a church. It was a labour of love and a bunch of songs I carried around for a couple of years and brought to life by the music of my friends Melisa Collins (violin) Tom Heathcote (bass) Mark Gretton (drums) and guests on horns, banjo and singing. A grant made being pregnant and making an album possible and inevitable. It is part of the album's story as the songs explore the edge of life and all the awe and grief that comes with looking at the questions we can't answer. With a bit of love and the ocean thrown in. For a more comprehensive and professional history, visit the website at We are very excited to have just won the Triple J Fuse Music Competition - thankyou.