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Rock, Pop

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band members

ben korkmaz vox guitar glenn dickson guitar sean gardam bass jem Kearney drums


Oasis, The kooks, The Cars

Unearthed artists we like

Jordan Millar, Unleash the Nugget, Ballpoint


Not straight out Rock & Roll and not purely Pop either, it's hard to put your finger on exactly who or what The Evening Dolls strongest influences are. Does it really matter? No, but it's interesting to speculate and it's good to be able to describe a band's sound by the sign posts that a love of other peoples music leaves. It's pointless to offer just a list of bands that we love so let's say instead that it was the 'hook' in each song regardless of artist or genre that we have concentrated our sound around. “...and no staring at your shoes.” was the early mantra back in May 2006 when we first became a band. We've always strived to communicate our songs to the varied crowds that we have faced. Whether it be the heavy rock crowd of a recent Birds of Tokyo support gig or the pop friendly crowd that came to see The Galvatrons the following week at the Republic Bar we somehow seem to fit. Regardless of who to or where from the band always stumbles off the stage spent, wild eyed and drenched in sweat. On a professional level, we have worked hard at maintaining a generous and professional reputation, always keen to share gear and always on time. It's a small thing but sometimes it about respect as well as music. This outlook has proved successful as the band has now played with some of the biggest names in the Australian music scene including Jet, British India, Magic Dirt, Dallas Crane, The Cassanovas, The Lazy's, Lost Gospel and more. 'Coming Alive' is the bands first recording, a long playing labour of love and a proud achievement. The songs are well captured and there is a sense that they are how they should be. The live shows a faithful rendering there of but imbued with a reckless energy. The Evening Dolls are: Ben Korkmaz - Vocals & Guitar, Glenn Dickson - Guitar & Vocals, Sean Gardam – Bass & Vocals and Jeremy Kearney – Drums & Vocals. Contacts: p. Ben Korkmaz 0438 126 359 e. w.