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Indie, Pop

band members

Eliza-Jane Barnes - bass/gat/vox, Cecilia Herbert - bass/gat/vo


As girls they had sung together, The songs of olden days. Saint Cecilia from the ocean shallows, Howled with the soul that dwelled in the branches shadows. After centuries of hiding in the forest shade The Evil J had taken on a plant like form. As her curiosity grew so too did her roots, Until one day she could no longer move. Filled with wonder and desperate for adventure She called out to the gullible sea nymph, Cecilia. Using songs and smoke signals she lured her From the clear ocean, deep into the forest. There, in the shadow of an old willow tree Cecilia met the voice she had heard, but never seen. The twisted being wrapped it’s splintered arms around her, Begging to be carried out into the world. Moved by compassion for the poor stuck soul Cecilia agreed to carry her to the far and distant land of Botania. Fused by spine and lung, the two set out on a voyage of great discoveries. The strange beasts they encountered filled their heads. New songs that needed singing drowned their dread. By the time they reached the Promised Land They’d forgotten what they came for. Lost in a haze of combined memories and desires They decided to stay bound together in eternal wandering. Eventually the pair settled into a cave of wood and glass. There, armed with an omnicord (with a loose power socket) And all the instruments they had collected on their travels, They set out to capture songs. Onto an old and unreliable tape machine They sang of their adventures and of their dark desires. Helped along the way by kind passers by Hands of the ancient and cries of the young A Goat boy and his herd, bleated and drummed They filled two reels before fate ripped them apart. And so the tapes remained unmixed deep in the cave of Botania, Until the mixing fairy Rick Will appeared and vowed To release them from their two inch prison… ‘Strange Beasts’ is the record now ready for release.