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Adam Watts - Drums Brad Delforce - Bass Nich Shields - Vocals Phillip Keong - Guitar Vaughan Jones - Guitar


From the small rural mining town of Muswellbrook NSW, out of the air that is full of coal dust emerges a new take on small town metal. Over the past 8 years this band has slowly been forged into what it is today. 2 founding members from the band "Masters of Orion" and an addition of a new singer and an extra guitaristas well as a few line up changes has evolved years of friendship into a tight metal foundry able to pump out the Ferrite, Alluminium, Titanium, Lead, and other forms of metal's that all kids today should have in their diet! with each member having distinct influences from Slayer to Trivium and Opeth to Metallica, a sound which many old school metal fans will find they are missing in todays metal scenes.

A combination of melodic guitar, old school thrash, power metal, and a good portion of Heavy Metal!!
Were happy to have supported and shared the stage with a bunch of great bands:
Hadal Maw (vic), Claret Ash (act), Grim Demise, Daemon Pyre, Gutter Tactic, Legion of the Horn, Balescream, Nekrology, Cerebral Contortion, Sodomiser and Swamp,