Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

No Doubt, Killing Heidi, Superjesus

band members

Suzy Ferguson - vocals, Warren Kam - guitar & vocals, Jim thr Greek - bass, Brad Kam - drums


Kiss, Karnivool, Bullet To My Valentine


Exile are a four piece born in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Originally a five piece, the band reduction in 2005 lead us to take a new creative direction in our music. The band originally formed 2000, remaining original members being brothers Warren and Brad Kam. Exile were joined by lead vocalist Suzy Furguson in late 2004 and Bass player Jim the Greek in 2010. Suzy, being an extrovert and professional actor in film and TV, didn't take long to fit in and the scene was set. Exile play in venues across Melbourne anywhere from packed pubs and overcrowded clubs and bars including The Espy, Revolver, The Cherry Bar Hotel, Mercury Lounge, Ruby's Lounge etc. EXILE have 2 EP'S recorded,"Songs from the Jam Tin" in 2006 and "Breathe" in 2009