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Indie, Pop

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The Beach Boys, Fleet Foxes, Of Monsters & Men

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Ezra Vine


John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, David Bowie

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Tom Lark , Mali Mali


Ezra Vine is a multi-instrumentalist obsessed with escapism, indulging his melodic fantasies among handclaps, and the waltz of bass drums. First single ‘Celeste’, is an infectious celebration of anticipation, combining an ear-worm acoustic riff with an army of floor toms, Beach Boys backing vocals, Miike Snow piano clusters, and a lilting, Shins-like vocal. Vine’s love for ambiguity laced Cohen-style lyrics mashes with immediate imagery (Brian Wilson, anybody?) resulting in an energetic tune that aches for a love lost (or was it a love imagined? Either way, he won’t tell us.) and is sure as heck to get you dancing. In late 2012, armed only with one microphone and any instrument he could lay his hands on, Vine put his head, hands and old macbook pro to work. In a small bedroom in the colder, darker suburbs of Auckland city, Vine meticulously recorded each and every performance, breathing life into a handful of tunes that would soon become unofficially dubbed the ‘Les Enfants EP’. The resulting work was a collision of immediate lyricism, haunting falsetto, and counter-melodies, woven through folk sensibilities. Circulating it privately, Vine found immediate fans among MTV execs (who tried, unsuccessfully, to secure the rights to the songs) and indie tastemakers abroad. Testing the waters, Vine released this handful of tunes somewhat unannounced on Bandcamp in January of 2013, under the moniker ‘Les Enfants’ and word slowly began to spread. On Bandcamp, Vine found an appreciative and thoughtful audience that helped propel the collection to regularly claim a top ten spot among Bandcamp’s bestsellers for the Folk category. From among that appreciative audience came Nashville Indie label execs, who chased Vine for label deals labelled the music “a polished, amazing, critically and commercially deep record and sound”. Furthermore, Brooklyn, NYC-based webzine Dingus are quoted as saying the work is “Somehow floating above the showmanship of 2013 ...”, akin to “Of Monsters & Men with some dashes of Edward Sharp and Fun”, adding “There is something special about getting transported back to a specific musical memory in one’s own life.” Vine commissioned talented animator Rob Wallace (of Parallel Teeth, formerly of Special Problems, having created projects for Ladi6, David Dallas) to create a mysterious and playful animated video for Celeste which is due to for release mid-August. Vine now splits his time between Sydney and Auckland, and is working ceaselessly on an EP due to drop in November, later this year.


Review by Corynne Tait Corynne Tait

20 Mar 2014

Triple J

What can I say? ...

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good clap & sing-a-long pop ditty, and that's what this is! Love the great backing 'woahowoaho's' and the happiness in your sound. I'm trying to clap along now but it's kinda hard whilst typing. Fun!

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Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Ki...

03 Sep 2013

Triple J

A hook that'...

A hook that's hard to resist; and a sincerity that's hard to dismiss.

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Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

21 Aug 2013

Triple J

Ebulliant instru...

Ebulliant instrumentation on this track in a Beirut-y, Vance Joy-y kind of way. It's sweet stuff.

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