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Indie, Rock

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Live, Powder Finger

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Fabio Tolli - Singer/songwriter/acoustic Guitarist


Powderfinger, the beatles, pearljam


There is such a natural and genuine feel in Fabio’s presence and this oozes out through his raw talent in his songwriting and musical abiltiy. Fabio’s vulnerability is both intriguing and refreshing. With no false facade or image to maintain, just a songbook in his pocket and a quiet determined way about him, his compelling lyrics take you on an emotional journey. Fabio delivers a story of hope, passion and of pure heartfelt expression which is captivating, honest and touching. I could even go as far as to say, it can leave you feeling like you have been on a soul searching pilgrimage! Fabio’s study of music composition and production, lead him to become the lead singer and songwriter for two long term bands. (Recharge and Brothers Crossing). He also ventured into event management with the role of founder, organizer, manager and promoter of “2004 Australian Rock Band Challenge”. Together with his band, he held live crowds in the palm of his hand and was the winner of “the Battle of the Sounds” two years in a row. Asking Fabio who his greatest influences are in the music industry, he is quick to reply, “Eddie Vedder, Bernard Fanning, The Beatles, Bob Dylan & Crowded House.” With continuing regular performances playing both covers and originals, Fabio’s live credentials add up to over 250 gigs, including the recent 2010 Royal Melbourne Show, 2011 Moonee Valley Festival, and regular spots at the Evelyn Hotel and The Espy. Now, as ever, he continues to write and perform. On a stage, at festivals, In café’s, In the studio. Wherever. Whenever.