Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Citizen , Basement , Endless Heights , Balance and Composure , The Gifthorse

band members

Bodine Wirihana, Andrew Kettlewell, Chris Daniel, Cenydd Jones-Evans, Craig Moore


Citizen , Basement , Endless Heights , Balance and Composure, Violent Soho, Turnover

Unearthed artists we like

Flowermouth, Fevermind, Idle Eyes, Star Arcana, Cellophane



Taking influence from acts like Basement and Citizen,Perth locals Fadeaway have been steadily gaining fans with their trademark blend of melodic and emotional hardcore entrenched in grunge roots.

2019 saw the band return to writing, recently emerging from the studio with a new 3 track EP recorded by local legend, Cameron Murphy at Opaque Audio. The new release ‘Treat Me’ sees a more refined sound whilst still retaining the grit and sincerity of their previous effort with title track ‘Treat Me’ showing the bands ability to balance the perfect amounts of ambiance and hazy vocals with heavy and overdriven guitars.