Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, Tool, dredg, Pink Floyd

band members

VOCALS - Michael Camilleri :: GUITARS - Pete Borzeta :: BASS - Jono Bach :: DRUMS - John 'JC' Caputo

Unearthed artists we like

Twelve Foot Ninja, The Khyber Belt



After what felt like an eternity, Fading Hour are finally making their return after a three-year hiatus. Vocalist Mick Camilleri, guitarist Pete Borzeta and bass player Jono Bach teamed up with drummer John 'JC' Caputo late last year and the boys have been intensively working on readying their new material for their launch in the coming months.

Fading Hour's music is renowned for having "subtle textures and quietly seething emotions, with full-blown ferocity being saved for just the right moments" and the new upcoming EP material is sure to live up to those expectations, while displaying a new, more mature level of intensity, dynamics and musicianship. Their music has been described as having shades Pink Floyd, Karnivool, dredg, Incubus, and Tool, while still being original and unique.

Fading Hour formed in 2005, where they rehearsed regularly in the basement of a Scout Hall. Since then, the band have developed a renowned level of intensity and musicianship at their live shows. In the past, Fading Hour gigged heavily at some of Melbourne's premier live venues including The HiFi Bar, The Espy, Evelyn Hotel and Ding Dong Lounge and have shared the stage with some of Australia's best artists including Birds of Tokyo, Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja, Borich x Borich (Lucius Borich of Cog) and toured with Thousand Needles in Red (Clint Boge). With these experiences under their belts, Fading Hour have forged themselves an energetic and powerful live presence.

2008 saw the release of their debut EP with Warren Hammond. The 'Beyond the Void' EP was launched at a sold-out Gershwin Room and has since thrown the band into the limelight in the music scene. Tracks from the EP were featured in several episodes of Channel 10's "Going Balystix" TV series which was aired nationally across Australia.

The news of the band's long awaited return has been well received by fans and the industry alike. Keeping true to their form, Fading Hour will be making this an unforgettable come back. Stay tuned...