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Indie, Pop

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The XX, Metric, Mazzy Star

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the fakes


Slowdive, Mazzy Star, Sneaker Pimps

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Blackchords, Eden Mulholland, MINIBIKES, Heavy Beach


The fakes new Album "Sudden Radiance and Fantastic Collapse" Playing live August 9th Revolver w Canary and Special guest link to tongue Tied video "Sudden Radiance and Fantastic Collapse" is the long awaited second album from dreampop/electro band the Fakes. File somewhere between The XX and Warpaint; "Sudden Radiance..." is a sparkling new album of melancholic; cinematic pop that pulls the listener into it's smokey; nicotine drenched haze of introspection. Almost three years in the making, "Sudden Radiance...." shows the band shaking off their major influences to create what may become one of the most compelling local releases of the year. The album features special guest performances by Anna Eklund (Sad Day for Puppets) on the single "Dreams Burn Down"; Chloe Hall; and Anna-Lynn Williams of Trespassers William. The fakes Originally formed whilst working at a summer camp in Connecticut; the fakes spent their free time recording demos heavily influenced by bands such as Mazzy Star and My Bloody Valentine. Relocating back to Melbourne in 2004; the fakes hooked up with producer Robbie Rowlands and recorded a new demo which helped secure a Music for the future grant. Their Ep "Storm in a Teacup" was released to positive reviews and the fakes were featured as triple's J' radios' Exposed band of the week. Spending the next year working on their live show and expanding their sound; the fakes released their follow-up Ep "Little Deaths," which highlighted a sonic leap forward. In 2008 the fakes released their debut album "I Know you are Smiling Because You are Asleep" which was released in Japan in 2009 through Happy Prince Records. "Sudden Radiance and Fantastic Collapse is the next chapter........ Twitter:thefakesband triplejunearthed/thefakes


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

23 Jan 2012

Triple J

I'm big into this. It's got that chilly vibe to it which is only accentuated by the electronics.

I'm big into this. It's got that chilly vibe to it which is only accentuated by the electronics.