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Sounds like

Mice Parade, dirty three, Dave Pajo

band members

Andrew Ryan - Guitar + Vocals, Tristen Parr - Cello, Dave Parkin - Producer + Drums


Smog, do make say think, Mice Parade


From the very beginning Perth’s FALL ELECTRIC have strived to create something different.

The dynamic interplay between FALL ELECTRIC’S Cello player Tristen Parr and guitarist Andrew Ryan drives the body of the songs, and creates a texture that’s uncommon in music today. Their new album ‘Interior’, due for release on Status Factory Records March 7th 2015 - the follow on from their 2007 EP ‘These asteroids make rings from afar’ and their debut 2009 album ‘Measure and Step’ - is no exception.

Interior is the culmination of many years of reflective songwriting and has been captured in rapid recording sessions with renowned Australian producer Dave Parkin, who enjoyed the process so much he joined the band during the session. Filled out by various drummers including: Pete Evans, Ryan, and Parkin, the band has built a collection of driven and poignant songs, exemplified in Ryan’s lyrics of ‘Air Flows Gently’ from Interior - ‘If there’s higher orders they’re strangled when I die’. It would seem Ryan has experienced near freaky levels of insight, offset with quizzical sentimentality such as how to load film into a camera in ‘Camera Film’.

Satisfied only when the vision was completely translated to the final album, Fall Electric asked friend and fame of Tame Impala, Kevin Parker, to have a listen to see if there was fun he could have with the songs. Post-production by Parker turned out to be an exhilarating fit with how the band wanted to express the feeling of this album. The precise playing became soft warm flesh amongst delays, echoes, and other textural manipulations that Parker played with on the album’s lead single ‘Over You’, the pop banger ‘Burning Flag’ & the album opener ‘Crystalized’.

‘Interior’ is not just the next step in FALL ELECTRIC’S story, it’s a musical statement of effect and a rare piece of what originality sounds like.