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Rock, Punk

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Nathan - Vocals, Simon - Guitars, Pat- Guitars, Tom - Bass, Craig - Drums,


Therapy?, sugar, QOTSA


Rock five piece Falling Down Stairs came onto the Sydney music scene in 2011. Their debut gig showed they meant business, with a short-sharp-shock of a set giving the crowd no time to catch their breath. Front man Nathan has a voice that will cut through any crowd and imaginative lyrics that will bring you into his jumbled mind. Guitarist and song writer Simon shows that riffs aren’t a lost art and has plenty to get your head banging. The bowel shaking bass of Tom laying down the crux and foundation of each song, locks in tightly with Andrew beating the skins at the back. Newest member Pat brought a solid chug and thickness that fills out the last holes in the FDS sound. 2012 should be the year for FDS as they gear up for a year of solid gigs and an E.P currently in the works. With songs ranging from Short punk work outs, Slow heavy rockers and epic building monsters there should be something for everyone.